Mix Tape Measure

A kooky way to get your measure on

HIDDEN AGENDA: Is it a cassette tape, is it a measuring tool? Hard to tell for sure with the mix tape measure, which looks just like an old-school mix tape but contains nine feet of tape inside for, ya know, measuring stuff. $10. Get it at Fred Flare.

EYE OF THE TIGER: A local jewelry designer hand-crafts hip pieces like this gold filled State Street Long Eye Necklace, dainty and affordable at $46 . Available online at jesslc.com
LITTLE DARLIN’:  Most handbags are mass produced, but the buttery lambskin Dumpling bag by Gogovivi is a limited edition purse using top-quality Korean leather. Therefore not everyone and their mother will be carrying it around. Get it at Embellish Boutique; 4161 N Lincoln Ave or online.

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