Brelli Umbrella

100 percent biodegradable umbrella

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BLUSTERY DAYS: Chicago winds stand no chance against this sustainable umbrella made from bamboo with a biodegradable clear canopy. It’s crafted to withstand the heaviest downpours and high winds. Available at Grasshopper.

MEATLESS PLEASURE: We knew it was only a matter of time before the vegan trend spread to accessories. These leather-free bags from Matt & Nat are crafted from recycled plastic bottles and a note inside each bag tells you how many bottles it took to make it. Get one at His Stuff.
MUK-A-LUK-LUK: Moccasin meets all-terrain winter boot with these short wrap mukluks from Manitobah. They are made of suede with embellished beading and faux shearling lining. Sink your feet right in. Get them here
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