Flugtag: Finest Floats

Red Bull's Flugtag is as much about flair as it is about flight. Join as we take a look back at the most creative crafts to launch off Flugtag's fabled 30-foot pier.

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As crazy as this sounds, somehow wer're guessing this wasn't his first insect rodeo.
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Aircrafts designed like planes tend to fly the furthest at Flugtag. Though we're not sure what controls this Russian aviator was holding onto at a 2011 Moscow event.
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If you think this Alien-themed aircraft is grotesque, you should have seen the chest-birthing takeoff the team staged moments before the flight.
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Would someone please tell the Donner Party that their last meal just took off?
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Elvis eats it at Sydney Flugtag back in 2010. His current whereabouts remain unknown.
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Who needs to pilot a pint when you've actually got superpowers? Next stop: Flugtag Krypton.
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Don't be fooled by the civilian attire, these naval aviators went straight to the danger zone at Flugtag Sydney back in '08.
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We're told that Peruvian Airlines immediately commissioned this plane after its flight at Flugtag La Punta.
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Believe it or not, the man to the left of the U.S.S. Enterprise is actually being beamed back up.
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The "Flying Mozarts from Austria" take the plunge into the Hudson River back at Flugtag New York 2003.
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