Slim-Fit Jeans For You, Big Boy

Five Four offers "Big Slim" cut jeans

Sure you scored four touchdowns for Polk High in the City Championship game, but after checking your current fat levels in the mirror even you think that story's a lie. For jeans capable of slimming your '09 physique, grab Five Four.

While almost all slim-fit denim stops at size 36, 5/4 takes a more realistic, less European approach with their new "Big Slim" cut, in sizes up to a healthy, beautiful 40.

Made from high-quality stretch denim (w/ 2% spandex!), Slim's cut is roomy from the waist through the thighs, then tastefully tapers as you move down through the ankles, like soap running down a plus-size Dove model.

The jeans come in two styles: the traditional five-pocketed "Dres Michael" in gray, and the dark blue, back-flap-button pocketed "H Michael" -- washes inspired by 5/4's in-house merchandiser, who's very honored to now have roomy pants named after him.

Because fat doesn't stop at the waist, 5/4's also cranking out upper body gear in sizes up to XXXL, like the "Barad" hooded zip-up jacket w/ four front pockets, and a long-sleeved brown buttondown w/ gray pinstripes called the "Riser" -- which, when worn with slim-cut fat-guy jeans, should disguise exactly how far you've fallen.

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