First Taste: ‘True Blood's' Tru Blood

On HBO's hot vampire series, "True Blood," a synthetic blood beverage, apty titled Tru Blood, brought the bloodsuckers out of the shadowy cover of nightfall and into the mainstream. The bloody substitute allows vampires to live among humans without fear of plunging their teeth into a nearby tempting neck. The faux-blood might have set the fanged ones of Bon Temps, Louisiana free – but what does the less-toothy crew at think about the new soft drink inspired by the series?

"Like liquid candy" one staffer said after taking her sip of the crimson red liquid that made it's debut at Comic-Con this weekend.

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"Fruity and sweet, with a nice fizzy bite at the end," one team member said.

"Sinfully delicious," another added with a smile.

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Another staffer thought Tru Blood might work best in a setting similar to the show's vampire bar, Fangtasia.

"I want to drink it over ice with vodka," he said after downing his first taste.

One staffer noted that holding the heavy red glass bottle transported him straight to Merlotte's.

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Vampire sympathizers, fang-b*ngers and Fellowship of the Sun members hoping to know their enemy a little better can preorder the beverage, which hits the shelves in September, on

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