Extra-Alarm Fire Blazes Through Wrigleyville Building

No injuries were reported after an extra-alarm fire sparked in Chicago's Wrigleyville neighborhood late Friday afternoon and burned through a building and several area businesses.

The fire prompted a 2-11 alarm, which was later updated to a 3-11 alarm, in the 3300 block of Clark Street, according to Chicago Fire Media.

Flames roared and smoke billowed out of the residential building in Wrigleyville and officials said the blaze has affected three area businesses including Roadhouse 66, the Samah Hookah Lounge, and Thai Classic.

"At some points I couldn't see at all," said area resident Marisa Mordini.

The flames took nearly two hours to put out, but fire officials said there were no injuries.

"We're going to be tearing this building down," said Assistant Deputy Chief Fire Commissioner Mark Nielsen.

A Mayday alert was called around 8:30 p.m. after part of the cieling collapsed while firefighters were inside. Officials said all firefighters have been accounted for and none were injured.

Building manager Lisa Kimmey said she's just happy no one was injured.

"To my knowledge every resident, every animal is out of the building," she said. "Everything else I will worry about tomorrow. All I care about is that everyone is alive and well."

But the fire displaced several residents, who will need to find new homes.

Firefighters returned to the scene just before 5 a.m. Saturday to put out some rekindled hot spot and investigators are expected to return to the area to determine the cause of the fire.

Other area businesses returned to work Saturday, hoping residents won't be deterred from the popular Clark Street strip.

Tony Gordon, owner of the adjacent Gordon Salon & Spa, said the salon is fully booked and employees had to come in early to prepare.

The Chicago Transit Authority said the agency does not plan on stopping service to the Red Line station that runs nears the fire's location, but noted the No. 22 Clark Street bus was rerouted during the fire.

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