Fey for SNL VP?

"30 Rock" star viewed as ideal candidate to play VP nominee

Is it the glasses, the hair, or the feisty personality ("pitbull with lipstick" vs. "bitch is the new black")? Regardless, Saturday Night Live producer Lorne Michaels is in talks to get former star and head writer Tina Fey back on the show to impersonate Republican VP nominee Gov. Sarah Palin.

Michaels is trying to lure Fey back to the late-night live sketch comedy show, despite the fact that she writes and stars in her own critically acclaimed sitcom "30 Rock." Michaels was assertively ambiguous about whether Fey would return when asked by the New York Post: "You're absolutely right, you did not hear an answer. There are discussions. They're ongoing."

With the November elections nearing, SNL is juggling just who should play the candidates. Currently, relative newcomer Casey Wilson is slated to play Palin, but likely have to defer to Fey's starpower and uncanny resemblance to Sen. John McCain's running mate.

Fey made a guest appearance on Saturday Night Live last season, appearing on the show's Weekend Update segment and openly editorializing for Sen. Hillary Clinton over Obama for the Democratic nomination. If Fey does decide to return as Palin, she'll get to go head to head with the Democratic nominee. Obama is scheduled to appear on Saturday's season premiere starring Michael Phelps.

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