Prop 8 Won't Stop Chicago From ‘Reeling'

Gay film festival opens in Chicago Thursday night

It's the second largest gay and lesbian film festival in the country.

"Reeling" opens its 27th season Thursday night, with a line-up of approximately 70 independent films to be screened over 11 days, Nov. 6 - 16.

TimeOut magazine writes: "In this year’s films, coming out and fitting in has clearly taken a backseat to finding love, settling down and figuring out, with the help of friends and loved ones, the meaning of our gay lives."

The opening night film, Breakfast with Scot, is about a closeted sports announcer and his partner who suddenly find themselves reluctant parents.  The film stars Tom Cavanagh of NBC's Ed and Scrubs, and Ben Shenkman of Angels in America.

In addition to the collection of quality films -- from features and shorts, to documentaries, offered at a variety of venues -- related events include a gala opening night party at Salon 1800 and a "C'Mon Get Happy Party" over the weekend.
The festival, which opened in 1981 in a small theater with 90 folding chairs and sold-out crowds for every screening, has grown into a favorite annual event for Chicago film lovers.

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