Ryan Poli's Spanish Snackeria, Mindy Segal's Boozy Bakery and a Dozen More Fall Headliners

This is The Feast 14, in which we highlight the most anticipated projects of the new season.

The lazy haze of summer's lifted, and the excitement of the new season begins at this moment. To mark the occasion, we've profiled over a dozen of the most fascinating characters in the food world impacting the Chicago scene right now. They, collectively, are tackling the most compelling projects of the fall season—14 of them to be precise. Click through the gallery above to discover who they are and how they're breaking new ground. To really satisfy everyone's curiosity, we've supplemented the vitals with in-depth Q&A's with each below. In no particular order, we bring you The Feast 14:

Karen Herold of 555 Design: Balena

Ryan Poli: Tavernita and Barcito

Jared Van Camp: Nellcôte

Homaro Cantu: The Miracle Berry Diet Cookbook

Stephanie Izard: Little Goat

Jean-Georges Vongerichten: Pump Room

Paul Kahan and Donnie Madia: Publican Quality Meats

Stephanie Prida: L2O's First Head Pastry Chef

Takashi Yagihashi: The Slurping Turtle

Mindy Segal: Unnamed "Totally Unconventional" European Bakery

Liz and Mark Mendez: Uva

Gregory Oslon: Pipeworks Brewing

Greg Ellis and Steven Fladung: 2Sparrows

Jeffrey Mauro and Anthony Fiore: Jam and Traffic Jam Food Truck

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