North Pond's Garden is an Unfortunate Hit Among Lincoln Park Foragers

This is Garden Pro Tour, where chefs show us how their harvest makes it from patio to plate. Here, Bruce Sherman shows us around the grounds at North Pond.

Chef Bruce Sherman has long championed sustainable, local products on his menu at North Pond since opening in 1998. So it's hardly surprising that the chef pushed for an on-site garden program that has been going strong for nearly 10 years. The small side garden is comprised of dozens of herbs, edible flowers, fruits and vegetables that are used in countless dishes throughout the season.

Unusual weather patterns took a toll on the garden this year, which didn't reap as much during the end-of-summer harvest as hoped. Variable climate aside, Sherman says the garden often suffers from casual theft. Located in the center of Lincoln Park, strolling visitors will often pick from the adjacent mulberry tree or cut off stalks of rhubarb, never realizing the garden actually belongs to the restaurant. Knock it off, people—the Green City Market is only a couple of blocks away!

In the video above, Sherman gives us a tour around the restaurant's patio garden (or at least what's left of it). [The Feast]

—Original video produced by Drake Booth/The Feast

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