FBI Raids Harvey PD

Officers are among those caught in drug sting

Just days after an FBI sting snagged more than a dozen police officers accused of helping drug dealers, the feds were back in Harvey on Friday, spending hours inside the police department.

The raid on Harvey Police headquarters had its origins in a massive year-long federal sting.

Seventeen people, 15 of them law-enforcement officers, were accused of providing armed protection for what they thought were drug dealers operating in the south suburbs.

Harvey Officer Archie Stallworth is accused not only of providing protection for drug dealers, but also of helping to carry duffel bags from an aircraft at DuPage airport that he was told contained 30 kilos of cocaine.

When NBC Chicago tried to ask Stallworth about photos and videotapes federal prosecutors are using against him, he covered his face with a hat and refused to answer any questions.

"Follow the court case, that's all I'm gonna say. I have nothing to say," Stallworth said as he hurried away from cameras.

The FBI's return to the Harvey PD suggests that new leads have been developed in the 48 hours since the U.S. attorney revealed the case.

An agent in an unmarked car blocked the station's underground entrance for hours on Friday, preventing anyone, including Harvey officers, from going in or out without permission.

Harvey Mayor Eric Kellogg refused NBC Chicago's request for an interview. He did release the following statement:

"The city of Harvey and the Harvey Police Department do not condone any type of corruption or illegal activity. The safety and security of our residents ... continues to be our number one priority," the statement read.

Four of the 15 defendants in the case were Harvey officers.

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