Fashion Week All-Star Heading to Chicago

Designer Zang Toi showcasing show-stopping pieces at Saks

Getty Images

On many occasions, Chicago gets pushed aside as a contender for high fashion cities, taking a back seat to New York, London and Paris. Until now.

Malaysian designer Zang Toi, whose Fall 2011 collection got rave reviews at New York Fashion week, is bringing his “thumbs up” pieces to Chicago for our couture-loving eyes to see.

The collection, Timeless Beauties, will be showcased during a rare appearance at Saks Fifth Avenue on May 3rd and 4th.

The collection includes day and evening looks made from cashmere, baby camel hair, wool tweed and double face wool with taffeta and French lace added into the pieces, giving it a cool, Euro style that we covet here in the Midwest.

Sure, we haven’t even bought our summer bikinis, let alone thought about the end of summer, but no harm in planning ahead. Your wardrobe will thank you later. 

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