Fashion Meets Frugality

A'Gaci set to debut in Chicago, Schaumburg

Everyone knows that it's cool to be fashionable, but what's even cooler is being fashionable while still being able to save some of that hard-earned dough for absolute necessities like rent, mortgages, food, shelter, TiVo and the occasional glass of wine or seven-course dinner.

But what girl would turn down a daring dress, a banging bangle bracelet, a stunning stiletto or a happenin' handbag? And what girl wouldn't kill to have all of the above for less than $100? Well, your mecca of fashion meets frugality has arrived in Chicago (and Schaumburg too).

On August 27th, A'Gaci will be your newest one-stop shop for glamour, glitzy baubles and gam-hugging leggings. The shops will be housed in the historic Palmer House Hilton on Monroe Street and Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg.

Prices range from $3-$15 for accessories, $7.50-$22 for tops, $9.50-$29.50 for bottoms, $19.50-$36.50 for dresses and $10.50-$32.50 for shoes. The least amount you're going to spend if you bought one of everything? $50. The most? $135.50. Such. A. Deal.

For such a girly destination, A'Gaci had a very fraternal beginning. Two brothers launched the first store in 1972 in the hopes that girls, teenagers and grown women could find tons of duds that would complement both their already-growing wardrobes and their ever-changing lifestyles.

They also know that the die-hard shopping diva doesn't always have the time and/or patience to deal with crowds of other die-hard shopping divas, so they recently launched an interactive online marketplace counterpart to the physical store. The only thing you won't find on the website is a dressing room.

See, maybe men really do know what women want.

Erica Bethe Levin is the co-founder of

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