iFarts Huge Over Holidays

iPhone application blows up

We couldn't pass on the opportunity to tell you about the hottest-selling iPhone application, iFart. 

It is exactly what it sounds (and smells) like. iFart Mobile makes farting noises. Nice. Everything from 'Jack the Ripper' to 'Howard the Duck.' Their marketing tag line is the fart machine for all ages.

Developer Joel Comm has already cashed in on flatulence to the iTune of nearly $10,000 a day. On Christmas Day alone, there were reportedly 38,927 downloads. That's a lot of farts at $.99 a rip.

We can appreciate all of you who think farts are funny. But even we were a little surprised at such sophomoric success. Comm was not.

“I had a hunch that Christmas Eve and Christmas Day would be higher," Comm wrote in his blog. "All I knew was that a lot of people would be getting iPhones and iPod Touch MP3 players on Christmas Day.”

Comm is quick to point out that his company, InfoMedia, has high-brow applications as well. He points to iVote, which let you vote on topics and see the results.

Maybe they could combine the two and build an app that lets you vote on farts. Hmm.

If you're willing to admit you downloaded iFart, let us know what you think of it below.

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