Skip Bayless Hangs With Lil Wayne; Makes It Lamer Than Ever to Be Old and White

Skip Bayless, I don't like you, and you probably wouldn't like me, and that is fine.

I don't watch your television shows because, frankly, I think you are to sports journalism what the Matt Damon caramels trick in Good Will Hunting is to professional magic. I'd rather go Ed Hardy T-shirt shopping with Rick Reilly than hear you babble about ... anything.

That being said, when video comes across of you comparing Lil Wayne to Prince, I just have to draw the line.

Lil Wayne, who is awesome, was on First and 10 yesterday, and Bayless broke my one cardinal rule about white people hanging out with black people: Don't try so effin' hard (even though, to Bayless' credit, Dana Jacobson was just as bad).

Bayless begins his "funny jokes" with, "I thought this was supposed to be Wayne Newton" which, and I'm not kidding, should only make people laugh that enjoy straitjackets and mixing illegal substances. He continued to press the Dane Cook pedal with this gem -- "Lil Wayne, I'm Big Skip," which actually drew a laugh out of Dana because, well, I'm assuming she was forced to through some sort of contractual agreement.

I hope Lil Wayne is utilized in the coming months by the Worldwide Leader. He is a fresh voice over at ESPN and could bring in a whole different crowd with the right direction. First step would be avoiding Skip banter at all costs. Just a suggestion.

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