Seattle's General Manager Is Totally Excited to See Koren Robinson Back on His Roster

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It was kind of obvious when the Seahawks inked Koren Robinson that people would start asking about things like "character" and "crazy" and "policemen". And, sure enough, reporters wanted to get GM Tim Ruskell's take on K-Rob's return to the great northwest.

Sure. There's risk. Obviously I feel better about it now [than] when I first heard about [it] or thought about the idea. We did a lot of research. We didn't just do this haphazardly or spur-of-the-moment. A lot of people in the organization were involved. Initially when I heard, or Coach [Holmgren] had brought it up, I was against it, just because everybody knows what our commitment is philosophically in terms of character. My first involvement with Koren, he was going through some tough things and some bad incidents that had gotten public.

My whole deal was, we just can't have knuckleheads around here. That can't happen. That's not how you win. So we got rid of several players that, I felt, fell under that umbrella, and I thought that would be the end of it. Obviously this little crisis we're going through with the receivers made a lot of names come up and I really wasn't even thinking of Koren.

Lots of research, huh? Was this before or after both Logan Payne and Seneca Wallace both got hurt?

It's entirely conceivable that Ruskell and the Seahawks management have been talking about K-Rob for a while, but to imply that there is anything that relates to character here seems a little disingenuous. I don't expect them to go out and ink Chris Henry or anything ridiculous like that, but this signing is obviously fueled by desperation, not some long thought-out process re: quality of character. Also, great to have you here, Koren! Really looking forward to working with you.

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