Scott Van Pelt Decries ‘Everyone and Everything Sucks' Blog Attitude

Once all the dust settled after last summer's Buzz Bissinger meltdown, a more nuanced view of blogs began to emerge within the sports media mainstream. Whether they personally read blogs or not, most sports media professionals I know understand that it's silly to pretend that all blogs are good or all blogs are bad.

As for ESPN's Scott Van Pelt, his view on blogs is like this: In an interview today with The Big Lead, he says he's cool with, among others, Deadspin, Sports by Brooks and Awful Announcing. But he disdains a certain other breed of commentary he sees at sports blogs. Van Pelt says:

I am certain it's far more difficult to get a job at ESPN, or anywhere for that matter, than it is to hook up a computer to the internets and be an a**hole. Where Buzz missed the point was going bonkers on Will for the words of commenters. What I can't stand is the contest to see who can care the least while being the most glib. The one note song that says, "Everyone and everything sucks."

Van Pelt also says, "there is often valid criticism from blogs AND commenters, many of whom are sharp." He just doesn't like the ones whose criticism begins and ends at "everyone and everything sucks."

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