Rob Ryan Wants You to Know That This Is the National F(reaking) Football League

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I applaud Raiders defensive coordinator Rex Ryan for his frankness. In a league full of automatons when it comes to interacting with the media, it's a refreshing change.

But it doesn't alter the fact that Oakland is an embarrassment, which was on full display during Monday night's 41-14 beatdown courtesy of Al Davis' nemesis, Mike Shanahan. Maybe we shouldn't be surprised; I mean, Warren Sapp told us the Raiders were going to suck and that DeAngelo Hall was the "flashiest, burnt-up corner in the history of the game," which is saying something with Fred Smoot still collecting a paycheck.

Not to worry, Raiders faithful: Ryan knows that a season isn't determined in Week 1, and he plans onrectifying the situation if it takes him all g-damn year. He's that m---erf--king committed to excellence.

"Hell I've been through some tough times. Sh-t, look at this... I've got gray [hair]. I've got it. This is the National F--king Football League, you're not going to be on point every week. Am I pissed off about (last) Monday night? You're damn right. But it's on me and G-damn it, enough's enough.

Come on, guys. Put it on me, let's not make up some bullsh-t. I've been here five years, let's just get it out on the f--king table and get it done with. Okay, I'm man enough to do that, alright.

Our whole team's disappointed, alright, but we have excellent players, guys working their ass off and it didn't go well. I'll be the same guy in front of you next week when we kick ass."

You really have to respect a man who will go out on a limb and declare that he'll "be the same guy in front of you next week when we kick ass." Oddly, he left out the part about playing the Chiefs, Kansas City's answer to the Raiders. It's a lot easier to kick ass when you're facing Damon Huard instead of Jay Cutler. I have no idea what Ryan would've said if Brodie Croyle was playing.

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