Police Report Says That Vince Young's Therapist Mentioned ‘Suicide Several Times'

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Will Brinson

A police report filed after the Monday night search for Tennessee Titans quarterback Vince Young states Titans Coach Jeff Fisher told police the star player's therapist said Young "mentioned suicide several times."

The report from Central Precinct Lt. Andrea Swisher states Titans' head of security Steve Burke notified police that he had "a player over at the stadium going off."

"Sgt. Windus later advised me that it was Vince Young and that he was driving a black Mercedes and armed with a gun," Swisher's report states.

There are more fairly bizarre and disturbing details of the report as well, including the fact that Young's manager lost him on the highway driving at a high speed while following him home, and that someone named "Major", purportedly Young's agent Major Adams, phoned Fisher to say the quarterback was at a friend's place and not in any harm.

Essentially, it all combines to fill in plenty of sketchy holes in a story that has been already covered relentlessly by the national media. It also, combined with other details including Sean Andrews volunteering to talk to Young about depression and his claim that he's considered retirement, paints a pretty good portrait of a young man who is dealing with some serious psychological issues.

The Titans have currently declined to comment on the story, but at some point, both the team and Young will have to address the details of the police report. Needless to say, if all the details are accurate, it sounds as if Young needs professional medical assistance, and hopefully he receives treatment while taking time off from football.

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