Patriots' Sammy Morris: Don't Blame My Blocking for Tom Brady's Knee Injury

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New England Patriots running back Sammy Morris was blocking Kansas City Chiefs safety Bernard Pollard when Pollard went crashing into Tom Brady's knee on Sunday, ending Brady's season.

Some have suggested that it's Morris's fault that Brady is hurt, suggesting that if Kevin Faulk, a better blocker, had been in the game at the time, Brady would still be playing. Morris begs to differ:

"You can take any play out there and say that something could have been done but again, it's the heat of the moment and it's hard to kind of go back and second-guess every play out there," Morris said.

"The pass protection is always [important] every week," Morris said. "If the quarterback has guys in his face, that's never good, so like I said there is always an emphasis to protect the quarterback."

I understand why Morris doesn't want to be second-guessed, but then again, second guessing is what the sports media are all about. And the fact is, Brady would be healthy if he had gotten a better block from Morris.

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