Ozzie Guillen Knows How to Get Attention

The White Sox bullpen continued to kill them last night as the team dropped the first game of it's ten-game road trip to the Yankees 4-2 in the Bronx, and there's a good chance that if the Sox do miss the playoffs, it will be the bullpen's fault. Of course, even if they Sox do miss the playoffs, it's not like anyone in Chicago will notice.

That's because the Cubs are only a few days away from clinching the NL Central, and once that happens, everybody will forget the White Sox even exist. This is nothing new for the White Sox, but that's just fine with Ozzie Guillen. He doesn't want attention right now, he wants wins from his team. After all, if he wanted attention, he knows how to get it.

"Attention?" he said. "If I want attention, I'll do something stupid. Then I'll get attention. That's the only way you get attention in the United States, if you do something wrong."

Wow, he's hardly been a citizen of this country for two years and he already has the place figured out. Kudos to you, sir. Of course, you know it would be impossible for Ozzie to talk about his team and the Cubs without getting a few digs in, and when he was asked about the fact that both teams haven't been in the postseason together in the last 102 years, he said this.

"That's their fault," he said. "Not mine."

I wonder if anybody pointed out to him that the Cubs made the playoffs last season while his team went 72-90.

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