Marvin Lewis Discusses Bengals Woes; Goes Into a Rant About Lug Nuts

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The Bengals are 0-2. With their upcoming schedule, it is not out of the question that they start off 0-11. Carson Palmer and the once-explosive offense have looked awful. Nothing is going right. If not for a blackout in most of the city, the fan-base would be giving away their tickets online.

So we need to get head coach Marvin Lewis in here for a motivational speech:

"We have to be consistent each and every play. It's like the guys who put on your lug nuts the last time you had a tire change, you hope they did it right," Lewis said. "So you better get the same guy to do it every time and the same way every time. That's the analogy I used with the team.

"When they go take their car in, they hope the guy inside did it right, and hope that he doesn't decide that you only need three of the four lug nuts. That's the way we'll go about it and that's the way it has to be."

What in the hell is that? Seriously, what is that? And you wonder why this team is playing so poorly.

Typically, most of the "guys" that would be putting on your lug nuts would get it right ... unless you went to an untrained or unprofessional "guy". Someone who doesn't know what they're doing.

Just like your team, Marvin. No one knows what they are doing. Now we see that your lug nuts are loose.

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