Instead of Practicing, Tomlinson Decides to Remind Us How the Chargers Started 2007

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LaDanian Tomlinsondid not participate in practice on Wednesday, which isn't a huge deal for a pair of reasons. First, he's clearly suffering with a toe injury, and there's no reason to exacerbate the injury in the middle of the week. And secondly, the Chargers don't play until Monday night, so essentially, this is a Tuesday for him, if you want to get in the mindset of a professional football player.

Norv Turner said he wants him there, but, "Hey, you know, I'm Norv. Don't plan on seeing me freak out [while making flailing Jerry Maguire motions] if he doesn't." Okay, that didn't happen. He apparently was pretty calm about the whole deal. LaDanian did have a good point this week though, rolling out the way-back machine and noting out that the Chargers didn't exactly start hot in 2007 either.

"I promise you, it's like I told you last year, you can take this to the bank: this team is like a quarter horse and at the end, it's going to come running," Tomlinson said.

It's a very good point, and well taken -- the AFC West is not the strongest division. And while the Broncos are better than I thought they would be, the Chargers are literally two plays away from being 2-0; one a semi-miracle reception, and the other being some sort of blown call that people have mentioned this week a time or two.

So, no, it's a tremendous time to panic for the Chargers. But seeing LT on the field would probably help people feel a little more at ease as well.

Fantasy Spin: Especially his fantasy owners, who are contemplating trades and additions of the suddenly Michael Turner-esque Darren Sproles, who piled up 317 all purpose yards in Sunday's loss. LaDanian is dealing with turf toe, and while that's an injury that lingers, I still say trade for him while his owners are freaking. (This also reminds me of last year.) As for Sproles, I say add him if you have the room on your roster, just because he's dynamic and whatnot and can be dangerous. But he's also not an every down pound the rock back, and you have to remember that. Kick return yardage leagues definitely want to scoop him though.

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