Eddy Curry Doesn't Pay for His Suits

Eddy Curry has had a tough life, insofar as an NBA basketball player can (although most of it can be attributed to his work ethic I suppose). But not so tough that he should be subjected to the latest humiliation headed his way: he's being sued by Casual Male, where he allegedly spent $41,000 on clothes and then failed to pay off his bill.

Curry racked up a bill of more than $41,000 at Casual Male Retail Group, and two years later it remains unpaid, the suit says.

The company says Curry owes an additional $5,424 in interest from his 2006 shopping sprees.

''It's just a matter of him buying clothing he didn't pay for,'' said Edward Margolis, the attorney representing Casual Male and Jared M. Custom Clothing, a business popular with professional athletes that once was owned by Casual Male.

Curry supposedly bought almost $4,000 in ties and $22,000 in suits, which, um, yeah, seems a bit freaking absurd. But then again, if you're going to be non-rebounding, non-defensive playing baller in the NYC, you've got to bring your A-game when it comes to clothes.

The only downside to this whole story really is that the store's name doesn't involve "Big and Tall" or "Husky Ballers". But, on the bright side, there's any number of "uncomfortable place" jokes just waiting to be abused if Curry refuses to pay.

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