Drew Rosenhaus Says Anquan Boldin Would Love to Play for the Dolphins

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Anquan Boldin wants out of Arizona. We know this because he and his agent won't shut up about it.

The Cardinals have no plans to trade him, and apparently they won't rework his current deal until after the season, which probably explains why Boldin has decided to pretend he's insane as a way of prompting his current employer to get rid of him.

That's the assumption I'm working from, anyway, because there's really no other explanation for this.

... [T]wice now in the last eight days [agent Drew] Rosenhaus has appeared on Joe Rose's morning show on WQAM 560-AM and said that Boldin, the Cardinals' Pro Bowl receiver and Pahokee's native son, wants to play for the Dolphins, his opponent this Sunday.

Sept. 4: "Clearly we have been pushing the team for a trade. ... He'd look nice in a Dolphin uniform, huh?"

Thursday: "We mentioned this last week, but there's a guy that (the Dolphins are) playing against that wouldn't mind being in a Dolphins uniform in Anquan Boldin. ... It's a shame that he'll be wearing a Cardinals uniform against the Dolphins, than the other way around."

The Palm Beach Post's Ben Volin wonders if this is just your run-of-the-mill Rosenhaus BS posturing, and it's hard to reckon otherwise. I mean, there are 30 other teams out there, and most of them are more attractive destinations (in terms of actual football, anyway) than Miami.

I suppose the Cardinals front office could call Rosenhaus's bluff and threaten to trade Boldin to the Dolphins -- or worse, the Chiefs or Rams -- and then we'd know for sure.

That said, I get Boldin's frustration: he's one of the league's best wideouts and he wants to be paid accordingly. Arizona hasn't been in a rush to give him a new deal (partly because of their current salary-cap situation), and now he wants out. No idea how this ends up, but, in general, when organizations give players a shiny, new contract, it makes them much happier. Even those who swore they'd never play another down for said team.

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