Cowboys Laughed, Played Games on Ride From Philly

After a beatdown, the team celebrates.

The Dallas Cowboys, based on their 44-6 beatdown at the hands of the Eagles, should have boarded their plane from Philadelphia back to Big D, sat in silence for how many ever hours it took before they landed, and then, without speaking to one another, slowly walked away from the plane and climbed in their individual, expensive automobiles.

Talking, playing games and laughing -- after that whipping -- should be things reserved for a later date. But, according to second hand radio reports (so, yeah, grain of salt and what not) they were all smiles, giggles and games on the way back to Texas Sunday night.

[1310 The Ticket's Mike Friedo] described the scene as "like the last day of school", with dominoes being played in the back and lots of laughing and carrying on. He said that he was reluctant to say anything, seeing as how the Cowboys are nice enough to allow media members on the charter, and that only leads me to believe that he may have muted the reality of what was actually going on. Friedo did not mention any specific names, nor did he say if alcohol was flowing, but he made it pretty clear that if you did not know who won the Cowboys-Eagles game, you just might assume it was the Cowboys from their conduct on the plane.

Presuming this is true, it's a pretty awkward situation for the Cowboys, in that it firmly shows just how out of control the team is under Captain Cupcake Wade Phillips and goes a pretty good way towards explaining why Dallas hasn't won a playoff game since saxophones and cigars ruled the world.

But hey, they barely make any money, and they did play really hard this year, so it's hard to begrudge them too much, even if this is true.

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