Braylon Edwards Gets Backdoored on 120 MPH Speeding Ticket

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The two most common type of people to escape a speeding ticket are attractive women and celebrities. Clearly, this is a fact. So, it's not entirely shocking to find out that Cleveland Browns star Braylon Edwards was let off the hook on a speeding ticket recently, even though he was doing 120 MPH in a Bentley.

Of course, it's a little more shocking when the officer repressed the ticket, only to have a news station dig up the info and let everyone know that the cop passed on giving Braylon a citation.

"The officer let me off for good behavior," Edward said Friday. "Because of Channel 19 (WOIO), it got brought back up, got resurfaced and there it was. I got a ticket. But I'm not the first person to get a speeding ticket."

Edwards said it was his understanding that he could be served with the ticket for six months following the stop. He doesn't believe he was putting himself in danger by driving nearly twice the 65 mph speed limit.

Edwards wouldn't address the reasons for the officer not citing him.

"It doesn't matter what was happening in the car," he said. "It's my personal business. The officer let me go. I'm not the first person to go over the speed limit, I'm sure I'm not the first person to get let go. It is what it is. The situation's been taken care of. It's not a distraction to the team. It's over with."

I'd agree that it's not a big deal and that the Browns should be just as fine this week as they were last Sunday, which is to say, still in trouble.

Of course, I'd like to know why the officer didn't just drop Edwards speed down to nine over and issue the citation anyway. Maybe because he's such a charmer and generally nice. Or maybe the officer dislikes bloggers too.

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