Boo Weekley Is Writing a Book

Yes. Yes, is your answer. Yes, that title is serious. Yes, Boo Weekley, we're assuming, can read and write. Yes, the most charismatic and interesting player on the PGA Tour has decided to take his incredible personality to the printing press, and the only thing I ask is: Can this please be published before Father's Day? My dad is hard to buy for.

Weekley, who has mused over fighting an Orangutan, dropping his keys in a Port-O-Potty during Jay Leno and showed how to properly ride your driver during the Ryder Cup, admitted yesterday to wanting to start this biography.

People with eyes, rejoice.

"We just trying to start out - we are trying to start it out and just trying to - of how I got into golf, you know, and what my past has been like and the things that I've come about and the thing that I've overcome, just different things like that. It's just mostly about golf, right now until we find a publisher and then I started throwing some other stuff in there."

Well, from that above sentence we can all assume Boo isn't going to be slaving over a typewriter. He said a guy from Jackson, Miss. named Paul Brown is writing the book. I'm sure Paul is good and all, but is he really going to bypass the FanHouse golf group and not do write this book collectively?

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