An Open Letter to Michelle Wie, Who Still Wants to Compete Against Men

Hey Michelle.

My name is Shane and I write for this here blog. No, I'm not really that important in sports, and I make just as many errors in my writing as any professional golfer does on the course. But I just wanted a couple of minutes to discuss something with you.

See Michelle, you are one of the more talented athletes on the planet. You're still young, but as a golfer there hasn't really been anything like you.

You're a girl with a guy's swing. You are quoted as saying that during practice sessions, you could hit the ball as far as 392 yards, but have decided to tone it down for accuracy. This is a good plan. I agree with this one. Hitting fairways is much more important than driving par-4s, even if the latter is more fun.

But here is my big concern. After recently smoking LPGA Qualifying School and making people believe in you again, you start back in with the talk about playing with the men. "I assure you I hold no grudges against men," Wie said. "Just because I qualified for the LPGA, it doesn't mean my goal changed. One of the reasons I started golf was to play against men. It hasn't changed."

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