All Is Right in the World; Tiger Woods Is Hitting Golf Balls Again!

I just want to hug someone. Can I hug you? Please? Just one? It's the Christmas season, and hugging is necessary when you are very happy about something during this time of year. Haven't you see Elf, you freak?

Tiger Woods, the best athlete in the world and basically the reason I still get up in the morning, announced on his website that he is hitting golf balls again, and is right on pace for the Masters. The Masters!!!!!!!! YES! I am actually so happy that I look like the Joker right now, but with fewer scars.

"I'm actually stronger in my leg than I think I've ever been," Tiger said in a press conference today. "As far as hitting full shots, (I've just started) the last couple weeks. So obviously I haven't progressed too far into the bag...It's fun to actually get outside and start swinging again and working on my short game. I've chipped and putted for a while, but as far as making bigger swings, I've actually just started."

In the press conference, Tiger went on to say that his intention is to play a few events before the Masters, but he can't say that is how it is going to go down.

He also dug a little deeper into the Phil Mickelson-Steve Williams issue, saying, "What ended up happening is I communicated with Phil, and we have discussed it. I talked to Stevie about it, and he feels bad, what happened."

Oh, and as far as the player of the year award goes, which went to British Open and PGA Champion Padraig Harrington?

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