A*% of Cakes

Ace of Cakes versus local blogger

Duff Goldman, the Food Network's "Ace of Cakes," is responsible for hundreds of sweet treats, but the man has got a very foul mouth.

On September 3, Grape Juice Records, a Chicago-based record label company, will hold a party at Double Door to celebrate its fifth anniversary. The celebration is set to include a cake from Charm City Cakes, Goldman's custom cake shop in Baltimore, the same one that's featured on the Food Network series, Ace of Cakes. The cake will be distributed among all the guests.

Goldman will make the cake , and he'll also make the music. His indie rock band, ...soihadto..., (which just happens to have a label with Grape Juice) will be performing at the party.

David Tamarkin of Time-Out Chicago asked a fitting question though: How did the record company manage to get a cake from a bakery that has been booked solid for years and won't be taking any new orders until November?

Well, it turns out that Nick Rush, who runs Grape Juice, also works in Ace of Cakes' sound department.

Tamarkin quipped, "You scratch Duff's back, he'll scratch yours."

Goldman, however, was not amused. He called Tamarkin about the article, and said he was offended by it.

In fact, he was so upset, he's still fuming about it a week later. In a recent interview with The Gourmet Glossary, Goldman said:

"We've been signed to Grape Juice Records. You know, there's some f---ing d---head in Chicago who wrote a mean a-- blog, 'How do you get a cake from Duff? Sign his band and get him to play a show.'"

"That Time Out guy!" he continued his rant. "That F---ING A--HOLE! If you know that guy, tell him he can suck my n-ts."

It looks like Duff can take neither a cake order nor a joke.

Matt Bartosik, a "between blogs" blogger, has a craving for Styrofoam and sheet cake covered in fondant.

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