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Transitioning from Indoor to Outdoor Workouts: East Bank Club

·        Prepare for the warmer weather. “Chicago summers are characterized by heat and humidity – things you don’t experience on a treadmill,” said Adolph. She recommends checking the weather forecast before heading outdoors, properly hydrating and running at a slightly slower pace if the temperature is above 75 degrees. “It can take upwards of three weeks to acclimate to summer’s blistering temperatures, so take it easy when first starting out.”
·        Wear layers or dress light. You should dress for an outdoor run as if the temperature was 20 degrees warmer. “The body warms up very rapidly when running and it’s better to be slightly chilly at the start and comfortable for the rest of the workout,” said Adolph. Getting too hot while working out can lead to excessive sweating, cramping and heat stroke. 
·        Plan a running route. You always know how long – and how far – you’re running on a treadmill. “Transitioning to running outdoors can get complicated because you may end up in unknown territory, which can become a safety hazard or accidentally add many more miles than you were prepared to run,” warns Adolph. She recommends taking the time to create a running route with a precise mileage count.
·        Protect yourself from the sun. A farmer’s tan is unattractive, but skin cancer is a much bigger concern. “Spray on sweat-proof SPF 35 or higher on every inch of skin that will be exposed to the sun 20 minutes prior to heading outdoors,” advises Adolph. She also recommends wearing a hat or visor and purchasing polarized exercise sunglasses to reduce squinting and protect vision.
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