Evanston police

Evanston Police Set the Bar With Incredible ‘Lip Sync Challenge' Video

The department churned through modern hits like "Hotline Bling" and classics like "Thriller"

A number of local police departments have released “Lip Sync Challenge” videos over the last few months, but few have gone as far with the concept as the Evanston Police Department just did.

The video, which the department released on Wednesday, features a staggering number of songs, Evanston citizens and police officers, and even a choreographed dance number.

The highlight of the video is the Michael Jackson tribute, complete with a rendition of “Thriller” filmed along Lake Michigan:

At the end of the film, Evanston police officers challenged the Oak Park Police Department and the cast of NBC’s “Chicago P.D.” to make their own videos.

 Police departments around the country have participated in the so-called “Lip Sync Challenge,” which started as a way for police to entertain and embrace the communities in which they work.

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