Enough Already!

I'm exhausted

After weeks of calling the Chicago Parking Meter Help Desk and asking for maintenence to fix meters left and right, after weeks of writing appeal after appeal for my collection of parking tickets, and after weeks of whining about scrounging for quarters around my domicile and whining about it, I'm done whining today.

I need a break from the meter mess, and so do you. Moving on (for now)...

**Light traffic today and I mean REAL light and it's for a bunch of reasons

-Fridays are always the lightest commute of the week
-Spring Break means people go on vacation (those that have jobs to support it anyway)
-you aren't commuting to work if there's no work to go to, less jobs = less cars on the road

...and this has become a trend lately. Weeks have gone by and we haven't had very many days that we considered "ridiculous" on the traffic front. So keep that in mind if you are slogging along at 8:45 stuck on a messy Stevenson. If you leave an hour earlier, you're productivity will go way up! That can help you keep your job! (see I do traffic and fix the employment mess, you're welcome)

**Big thanks to Mike Newquist at the Sears Centre for letting Air Lorber and Righthand Man Jim sneak thru the chain link fence just off Route 59 to go see the Eagles last night. (Jim was so pumped he didn't realize he wore the same shirt at work for the second straight day until he actually got to work. Bravo!) In fact, Jim would like to dedicate his "inspired" Dance Friday performance to the marketing ladies in Hoffman Estates. So...there you go.

**Dance Friday was loaded with guests. Kudos to the 4th graders from Ms. McGuire's class at Troy Shorewood Elementary for coming downtown from the Joliet area on Spring Break!! THAT'S the kind of dedication we need from the dancing public. They got to see Studio 5 in all it's glory ("There's the Green Screen, and that's the coffee machine, and...um")

Dancing Upstart Cassidy continues to build her popularity to new levels. (Note: you might see her featured next week in the Inbox, so keep an eye out for it) We danced to Miley Cyrus and yes, I realize the video we had in the background was for her latest single "Fly on the Wall" for the song choice of "See You Again" but we hated that video less. (I wrote that without hesistation of not knowing either song title, yikes)

**Bracket Update: Professor Bracketwald tells me he loved Villanova's lockdown defense, Missouri's press is going to neutralize UConn's size in the paint, and wait...yup...Duke's Jon Scheyer just missed another three.

As for my weekend, I'll be in Indy to take in Louisville-Arizona and Kansas-Michigan State. Hopefully I'll have some pictures to share when I return and my Final Four intact

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