Election-Themed Treats Showing Up at Area Eateries

Restaurants Use Elections Themes to Create New Menu Items

The creative juices are in overdrive at some Chicago area restaurants as they hope the excitement over the election transfers onto their respective menus.

RA Sushi was one of the first to get into the act, holding a contest between the "Blue Barack Attack" -- smoked salmon, cream cheese, cucumber and artichoke rolled in rice and seaweed and topped with crunchy blue tempura bits -- and the "Red McCain Terrain" (spicy tuna, crab mix and cucumber rolled in rice and seaweed and topped with crunchy red tempura bits). Not that it means anything, but Obama's maki won the contest in a tight vote.

Usagi Ya is another sushi spot jumping on the election bandwagon. Through Election Day, the Wicker Park spot is offering an Election Tasting Trio for $36. The specialty rolls include the Red Dragon (shrimp), the White Dragon (fried oysters) and the Blue Dragon (blue crab, tuna).

Most of the specially-themed treats are being offered on Tuesday. Visit Morton's for an $11 election-themed martini. You can choose between the Democrat-tini (Pama pomegranate liqueur-based), a Republican-tini (Blue Curacao-based) or the Undecided-tini (a mixture of Pama and Blue Curacao).

On Election Day, Stretch Run Sporting Club & Grille will have a Red Room featuring a McCain 10 Cane Rum Red Martini ($5) and Killians Red beer ($4). Or you can hang out in the Blue Room for Democrats, featuring Barack on the Rocks Blue Careousol Cocktail and Blue Moon Beer.

SushiSamba Rio will also be in the election spirit Tuesday, offering the Obamarama (muddled lemon, blueberries and sugar with Pearl blueberry vodka, blue curacao and club soda) or the Maverick (muddled raspberries with sugar, raspberry rum, triple sec, grenadine and unsweetened white tea).

Or you can keep it simple at Landmark Grill + Lounge where they're offering specialty blue and red champagne cocktails for $8. The restaurant is also hosting a viewing party and numerous other specials and giveaways on Election Day.

Finally, this just in, even Joe the Plumber is getting his own drink. According to the 312 Dining Diva, Early Times Whiskey has concocted a cocktail that even Joe would approve of -- if he can afford it!

So whatever your political persuasion, make sure you do your patriotic duty and eat/drink or die!

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