Edamame Necklace

Sushi your way to style

Instagram oficial: http://instagram.com/loandthecosmos

BEAN CHARM: Sushi-lovers will rejoice in this edamame necklace, handmade in Canada. Just don’t try to take a bite, they’re crafted from bronze, silver and tourmaline; your dentist would not be thrilled. Available at Post 27.

WHERE IN THE WORLD: The black ocean design in this Starlight Replogle Globe may seem a little goth, but the satin, chrome-painted base and gyro-matic mounting make it an unusual way to seem worldly. Get it here.

TISK TASK: Woven ribbons of butter-soft leather define theTisket-a-Tasket Clutch from Habit. A zipper-top keeps everything important from falling out, perfect for dancing the night away.

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