Ed and Jillian to Make “Special Announcement” Tonight

Chicago couple to appear on season premiere of "The Bachelor"

Is Jillian pregnant? Is Chicago's favorite reality TV couple breaking up? Or are they getting married?

Reality TV junkies and romantics everywhere are in breathless anticipation for a "special announcement" from Chicago's favorite reality TV couple on Monday night's premiere of ABC's "The Bachelor."

Aside from their big announcement, Jillian Harris and Ed Swiderski will also help bachelor Jake Pavelka whittle down the contestants from 25 to 15.

Yes, THAT Jake Pavelka, who Jillian stunningly rejected back when she was making her choices on the show. Oh, the drama.

While it may be fun to imagine some sort of jaw-dropping news from the couple -- after all, rumors of Ed's alleged womanizing ways spread like wildfire when the two first hooked up -- we're guessing the announcement will be something much tamer, along the lines of a wedding date and location.

The couple told GMA a few months ago that they expected to get married in Canada in the next year and a half.

Until then -- the guessing game continues.

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