Eat Like Obama

Bespoke Cuisine presents menu with some of the prez-elect's fave dishes

So, we know he ordered something called "Spam musubi" while vacationing in Hawaii, and we've heard he's fond of the fare at Hyde Park's Dixie Kitchen and Bait Shop (among many, many other Chicago restos),  but if you really want to eat like Obama, Bespoke Cuisine has the complete presidential-sized package. On Monday, Jan. 19, the West Loop caterer and culinary venue will present the "Obama Mania Menu" at its monthly "Mix it Up" cooking party (6:30-9:30PM, $80 per person).

The skinny: The prez-elect's multi-culti background and seemingly hearty appetite (despite his enviably slender physique -- must be the basketball) come into play when he picks what to put in his mouth. He doesn't shy away from spice or exotic foods (a good trait for a high-pressure job involving foreign relations, it seems) and enjoys everything from Hawaiian to Southern to Mexican cuisines.

During Bespoke's interactive cooking party held the night before the inauguration, you'll get hands-on kitchen experience followed by a communal dinner honoring Obama and his fave foods. On the menu: Barack-a-Que Shrimp and Grits, We "Blue" 'Em Away Salad (he's a rumored arugula junkie), Chili for Change (the Obama family recipe!) served with Skillet Corn Bread and (Condi) Rice, and an all-American apple crisp. Apparently, Obama's got a healthy sense of humor, too.

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