Eagles Injury Report Isn't as Bad as it Looks

The Eagles released their practice report from Thursday afternoon and, on the surface, the news isn't looking all that good for their anemic running game. After Wednesday's admission that he re-injured his knee against the Giants, Brian Westbrook's absence from practice wasn't a surprise, so we'll focus a bit more on a couple of injured offensive linemen.

Right tackle Jon Runyan skipped practice altogether, something that's been pretty common down the stretch, and right guard Shawn Andrews' participation was limited. That's actually good news for Andrews, who hasn't played since Week Two because of a back injury, and it really doesn't qualify as news for Runyan.

In the week leading up to many games played over the last 12 seasons, Runyan has spent some time in the trainer's room. He's been limited in practice or missed it altogether, but it hasn't kept him from missing one start. Counting playoff games, Runyan has answered the bell in 212 straight contests, so, unless a Mack truck smears him across Broad Street, he'll be there when the Eagles take their first snap on Sunday.

The continued presence of Westbrook and Runyan in the Eagles lineup is either a testament to the restorative powers of cheesesteak and the ability of the Eagles training staff. Those of us who enjoy a good sandwich hope for the former, but it's almost certainly due to some fine work by the latter, coupled with the makeup of the two players of course.

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