E-Cards May Be a Ho-Ho-Hoax

FBI warns people against phony electronic greeting cards

E-mail scams are nothing new, but the FBI wants to remind people to keep a watchful eye on their inboxes during this holiday season.

Fake notifications for electronic greeting cards allow scam artists to steal personal information from computer users who aren't careful.

During this time of year, nearly everyone receives e-mails announcing that a friend or relative has sent them an "e-card" that they can view by clicking on a link.

However, some links can be dangerous, leading to websites set up by scammers. The sites allow criminals to view the victim's Internet activity, giving them access to passwords and credit card numbers.

FBI officials recommend not clicking on any links in e-mails from people or businesses you don't already know and trust. Also, check www.fbi.gov/cyberinvest/escams.htm for more information.

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