Local Concoction May be “America’s Choice Cocktail”

The Underground's 'Bombay General' competes for GQ crown

Give it up for the juniper berry.

One of the best gin cocktails in the country can be found right here in Chicago in the form of the Bombay General.

The drink is the brainchild of Benjamin Newby, the operating partner of The Underground nightclub, and it's in the running for GQ's America's Choice Cocktail.

Newby, who has spent a couple of years perfecting this recipe which includes ingredients such as Domaine De Canton and marmalade, placed fifth at the national Bombay Sapphire mixology competition in August.

But the GQ contest is more of a popularity contest, with the top prize going to the entry with the most text votes by Nov. 18th.

The winner gets a two-page spread in GQ, although UG can already consider itself a winner -- they're moving four cases a month of Bombay Sapphire, compared to the one case they normally sell. The cocktail is also available at other Rockit Ranch restaurants, including Sunda and both Rockit Bar & Grille locations.

To vote for this hometown cocktail, text "GQ 12 55" to 88704.

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