8 Steps to Finding Your Dream Home: Step 1

Goal: Finding Your Dream Home

Step One: Find The Right Buyer’s Agent!
Find an agent who is based in the area you hope to find your home. This agent will often times specialize in that area and have a significantly more in depth knowledge to answer your questions. 

The next part of Step One is: The Interview Process 
This step will help you determine with confidence whether or not you have the right agent. First find three agents to interview. These agents can be someone you found through a friend or family member who had a great experience, from the internet using local search sites, or from your local better business bureau (www.bbb.com). These agents can be from the same firm however I recommend you interview one agent per firm because you are also interviewing the firm that backs that agent. 

In the interview process ask them a series of questions about what they have to offer you and what they and their firm do to set themselves apart from the competition. I recommend asking the agent for references of people that they have worked with in the area that you are looking. Many times agents will have a list of testimonials from previous clients; however ask them for a client or two that wouldn’t mind a quick phone call about their experience with the agent in question. A good agent should have all of this available to you. 

As you chat with this person, pay close attention to the types of questions that they ask you. It is very important to find an agent that knows the right type of questions to ask to gain an in depth understanding of what you are looking for. Ask them about how busy they are. Let them know that you serious and are looking for an agent that will answer your phone calls or at least return messages the same day. Finding a home is a time sensitive business and your agent should treat you as a priority.

You should also pay close attention to how well you get along with them. A good agent will always be a great listener and never talk over you or ask you questions that you have already answered. You should feel comfortable with them right away. By the end of the interview if you don’t feel like you are as comfortable talking with them as you are a friend, this may not be the right person to work with. There are so many amazing people in this profession that there is no reason to settle on someone you are not absolutely comfortable with. You may end up needing to interview more than three agents but the little extra time you put in up front could not only save you tons of time while looking, it can also save you money and disappointment! 

Stay tuned for Step Two!

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