Don't Make These Home Decor and Design Mistakes

Tips from an interior designer on avoiding a home redecorating disaster

You know what they say: Go big or go home. But when it comes to redecorating your home, a little planning and prudence can go a long way. Northwest suburban Grayslake-based interior designer Michelle Rohrer-Lauer of Michelle's Interiors sees the same five mistakes people make when attempting a redesign project in their homes, and she's here to help you avoid the same pitfalls.

Style over substance: Rohrer-Lauer advises against making overly trendy purchases, especially when it comes to items you use every day, like appliances and bathroom fixtures. While there are new designs constantly being introduced to the marketplace, you have to be sure a product will work for you. 

The nostalgia factor: Many people hang onto items that don't work for their lives anymore. Whether you don't know what to do with it or think that it's wasteful to get rid of something that is still functional, that old couch could be holding your design vision back.

Less is (sometimes) more: If you try to incorporate too much furniture or pieces that are too big, you can completely overwhelm a room. By limiting purchases to match the function and the dimensions of an area, you can free up valuable space (in the room and in your head).

Color your world: Homeowners sometimes avoid color and pattern altogether rather than risk a design scheme that is potentially over the top. But by leaning too far to the neutral end of the spectrum, you can suck all of the life out of your space and end up with a home that doesn't reflect your personality.

Do your homework: While impulse purchases can add interesting elements to your wardrobe, it's best to enter a redecorating project with a plan of action. Sporadic additions of home accessories don't always mesh, but if you buy the major pieces of a room together, you're guaranteed a seamless look.

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