Do Time at a Heavy Metal Prison Bar

Lockdown Bar & Grill hits Ukranian Village

A new Ukranian Village spot is threatening to remove the bad stigma from prison food.

Lockdown Bar & Grill isn't actually dishing out grub to inmates (although there were some sketchy customers during our visit), but the prison- and zombie-themed heavy metal joint is definitely staking out its spot in the yard.

After watching an Iron Maiden DVD for the millionth time, co-owner PJ Zonis decided to replicate the concert experience in a bar/restaurant, complete with multiple big screens and a powerful audio system.

"I thought 'why not make a bar where you can feel like you're actually at the show without dealing with the tickets, parking and other hassles with attending a live show," Zonis said.

The concert schedule is actually posted on the Web site, but requests are considered -- within reason. A group of gals were watching a "Heart" DVD on a recent visit, but Zonis assures us won't see the likes of a Ricky Martin or Britney Spears performing here anytime soon.

The food sticks true to the jailhouse theme, with appetizers like the "Prison Shank," and burgers such as "Possession of Shrooms" and "Cruelty to Animals."

Nine new burgers and two new veggie sandwiches were added to the menu this week.

But if you're going to eat veggie sandwiches in here, we'd suggest you watch your back.

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