Do This to Save Your ‘Do

Tips on saving money at the salon

You're starting to get a vibe at work that makes you think your job is in jeopardy. Your 401K is in the toilet. Your credit card company is jerking you around. And above all that, you're not sure you have enough cash to get your hair did.

But your hairstyle doesn't have to be a victim of this bad economy. Kelly Stobart, the co-owner of Beauty & Balance in Kenilworth, says you don't give up on your hair -- just stop overpaying for it.

Stobart has a few tips for keeping your 'do in check:

  • Semi-permanent Dye: One of the best kept secrets of hair color. This $60 single process will give you enough color to change your look, but fades out as your roots grow so you don't have to come in every six weeks for upkeep. This process alone can save you the hundreds of dollars you would normally shell out for a root touch-up.
  • Get Glossy With It: A gloss will restore moisture and shine to your coif while bringing out the natural color and highlights your hair may already have. At $25 a pop, this is definitely a great alternative to other pricy salon treatments.
  • Use the Right Shampoo for Your Hair Type: If your hair is color-treated, use a product for color-treated hair. Not only does this make your hair look great for longer, it also will keep you out of a salon chair for another few weeks.

Stobart also encourages customers to ask their stylist what hairstyle is easiest to maintain, so you don't have to keep coming back for trims.

Also, great deals are often found online at the salon's Web site, or other popular beauty sites.

Above all, don't sacrifice your beauty -- just become savvier about it!

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