Mouse House on the Market

The owner unsuccessfully tried to sell the home on Ebay in 2006


When you wish upon a star stumbling real estate market, your dream can come true.

But then that dream turns into a burden and you can't sell the damn thing.

That's what happened to Radjoe Popovic, 62, a Yugoslavian immigrant turned real estate developer who bought Walt Disney's 1901 birthplace, thinking the nostalgia value would help it sell quickly.

But the home at 2156 Tripp in Hermosa Park is failing to attract buyers -- even from Disney devotees who stop to check the place out.

Popovich "didn't think twice" about purchasing the home in 2002.  He planned to convert it into an art center. But instead of moving in he became the property's landlord. 

The home was built in 1893 by Walt Disney's father Elias, who worked in construction for the World's Columbian Exposition, reports the Sun-Times. When the animator was five years old, the family moved to Missouri.

Popovich and his wife, Barbara, put the house up for auction on eBay in 2006 with no success. Its been on the real, non-auction market for a year now. It's listed for $199,000, just $9,000 more than Popovich paid for it seven years ago.

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