Around Chicago on Election Night

Guide to Chicago Election Day Activities

Barack Obama will be in Grant Park for election night, but he will not be the only one out and about in the city.

If you don't have a ticket -- or have no interest in going at all -- there's a lot more going on in the way of election night entertainment. Whether you want to "pre-game" before the election results start trickling in, taste election-themed treats, or find a great party to celebrate your candidate's victory, there's something out there for everyone.

  • The creative juices are in overdrive at some Chicago area restaurants as they hope the excitement over the election transfers onto their respective menus. Click here to read about these "Election-Themed Treats."
  • It looks like election night is a good time to pick up a great deal at area restaurants. Whether Obama or McCain wins, you'll still be a winner with these food and beverage deals.
  • Learn about absentee voting, find your polling place, get tips on CTA and Metra changes for the Obama rally, and contact your election authorities with the "2008 Election Guide."
  • Tonight you can choose a party and watch the election. Click here to find a "Chicago Election Party."
  • Can't be in Grant Park? Even if you didn't get tickets to Barack Obama's Election Night rally in Grant Park, you can still be part of the party. Click here to find out how you can watch the Obama Rally on a jumbotron.
  • Not going to be in Chicago to party tonight? Plan your own election night bash on the cheap.
  • Not that excited about the election at all? click here See a Broadway show in Chicago for only $44 on Election night.
  • There'll be plenty of excuses to party this week -- provided your candidate of choice wins, of course. Click here to check out more election events in 24/7's "Word on the Street."
  • Celine Dion may have canceled her United Center appearance, but you can still catch a concert. The House of Blues will be bopping through election night to the beat of Hanson. Click here for times and ticket information.
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