David Gimelfarb disappeared into the Costa Rican rainforest nearly three months ago.

But he’s not the only traveler to go missing in the Guanacaste region of the Central American country. 

A British journalist, a US expatriate and an Australian backpacker have all disappeared in the very same region, and now authorities believe that the cases could be connected to something sinister.

American Craig Snell disappeared in February 2009, also in Guanacaste. And several years ago Australian Brendan Robbins went missing there, until forensic experts were able to identify him from remains found in the region.

The renewed attention comes as British officials have stepped up the search for a missing journalist, Michael Dixon, 33, who was vacationing there, according to the BBC.

Dixon, much like Gimelfarb, vanished without a trace. Dixon’s belongings were still in his hotel room when he was reported missing.

"All his belongings were still in his room -- his phone, his glasses, his wallet. Everything," Dixon's brother David told Inside Costa Rica.

Gimelfarb’s rented vehicle was found near a national park with the door open.

An international search group, The Lucie Blackman Trust's Missing Abroad Programme, has offered assistance to Dixon’s family, who are currently in the country searching for him.

Gimelfarb’s parents, Luda and Roma, have met with Dixon’s brother David and have discussed way to help each other search, according to the Help Find David Gimelfarb Facebook page

“The family is still working to get additional individuals to travel to Costa Rica to help continue to search for David who is still believed to be alive and local Costa Rican law enforcement is treating his case as such” a November 11 post reads.

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