David Allen Grier Hates Food Trucks, DIY Skinwich Gets Memorabilia

Food news while you caffeinate. Plus, what's on the menu for later.

Welcome to your weekend. News item number one: In case you missed the memo, C-list comedian David Allen Grier has a food blog. Things Grier likes: coq au vin, pork rillette and hot dog carts. Things Grier does not like: reheated hotel bacon and L.A.  food trucks. "I thought Food trucks were supposed to be rolling bistros, filled with artisan prepared meals, inventively prepared and delivered to us at a great price as an alternative to The Olive Garden, instead they are The Olive Garden—only on wheels!" Grier rants. Hey buddy, just be happy you're allowed to have them at all. Grier's food blog may not be funny, but The Stew's D.I.Y. Skinwich is kind of funny. Following an internet hoax that took the KFC Double Down nightmare to the next level with the "Skinwich" (described as "five layers of fried chicken skin, lumped on a bun and topped with white American cheese and bacon"), The Stew released their own version of the sandwich that has now lead to a 48-hour internet meme complete with memorabilia. Is nothing sacred anymore?

Stay tuned: Later today, which restaurants have the hottest staff, plus your weekend BYOB guide.

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