“Date My Ex, Please” Event Attracts The Curious

Sheffields Holds Ex Dating Swap Meet

Last week Sheffield's held it's first "Date My Ex, Please" event. It's aimed at those couples who truly meant it when they said "I still want to be friends."

What better way to get the scoop on someone than from their past girlfriend/boyfriend? The only catch is, you have to be willing to offer up your ex, who you're now friends with, to someone else.

It's great in theory, but as you can imagine, it doesn't always work in practice.

After some questioning and prodding, many of the couples divulged that there was still chemistry between them. Perhaps they were using it as some kind of "see-how-great-you-had-it" event?

It wasn't required to go with an ex-flame -- you could attend with your friends and try to set each other up, but it was mandatory that you went as a pair. That seemed to work out better on this night, because it's easier to trust a friend to have your back when meeting someone who has potential.

A couple hours into the event -- and I would guess more than a couple of drinks later -- the night seemed to hit a groove, with more people showing up, and people beginning to mingle more and loosen up.

The owner, Rick Ness, said the idea came as a result of brainstorming with his management team, and if the idea takes off, they'll consider doing it on a monthly basis.

But if you're thinking of bringing your ex to this event, it goes without saying that you need to make sure that more than enough time has passed since you have broken up, and that you both truly consider the other person to truly be a friend -- a platonic friend. Remember, the name of the event is "Date My Ex, Please," not "Make My Ex Jealous, Please."

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